About Us

Baker’s Acre is a collaboration of various writers from our friends and extended family. For now, we’re keeping it pseudonymous. What are we about? Well, a lot of stuff.

  1. We care about people and want those around us to live happy and prosperous lives with meaning. This leads to practical tips for living and occasional thoughts on wisdom.
  2. We love food and you can expect to see simple recipes for what’s on our table.
  3. We need to make a few dollars, so please click our affiliate links and ads if they appeal to you; ignore them if not!
  4. We are thankful for our country, soldiers, veterans, and leaders. We usually lean right politically, but welcome all points of view even if we disagree.

Contact Us

Our apologies! Right now we don’t have a way for you to contact us directly. We expect this to change once Maker gets around to adding a form to this static site. Please be patient!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does the name “Baker’s Acre” come from?

    It’s a reference to generosity; a turn on the common phrase, a baker’s dozen, where you are given 13 instead of 12 for the price of a dozen.
    By definition, one acre is 66 by 660 feet. Finding the number 6 to be falling short of 7, which is the number of perfection, a baker’s acre is 77 by 770 feet, or 36% larger than a standard acre.

  2. Who are the authors of Baker’s Acre?

    We live in the USA from the northeast to flyover country. For now, we're keeping it pseudonymous.

    • Baker : food reporter
    • Maker : tech and woodworking reporter; also the tech support for the website
    • Saver : frugality and finance reporter
    • Rev : culture and philosophy reporter